Should I just forget about her?

There's this girl that's a junior in high school now and I'm a freshman in college. I met her my junior year and liked her ever since. I had many chances but but then I was very shy. Now I want to ask her out but there are many problems... I've never had a girlfriend before so I don't know how to ask her, I'm in college now so we rarely see each other and when I try to text her she occasionally texts back. So should we just be friends or should I try and pursue?


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  • hey man, sometimes, you need to step out of your comfort zone and just let the girl know.

    if you don't your gunna be 28 before you know it (just think back to when your 11 years old till now and realize how fast time can go as you get older) and once our 28, your going to see all your friends around you getting engaged, this and that while your still stuck with the shy you. act now before its too late. the worst thing to do in life is to not do a thing.


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  • just ask her if she has any plan for this Saturday and take her out just to let you know high school girls love college guys


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