Please help this relationship get better..please

i just don't know what went wrong. this is going downhill. me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year and 4 months now. months 1-6= best time of our relationship..we were so happy and loving and so close. but months 7-9 = random fights/ breaking up occasionally and getting back within hours and saying sorry and going to sleep loving eahcother. months 9 and 10 I went out of the country and she missed me badly. literally made like 49 videos of her saying she misses me and her with her teddy I bought her saying she misses me and wants a call badly. sometimes she would cry on video asking for me to come back. she left a video everyday untill I came back. my cousin is friends with her and he said she would i.m. him all the time asking how I am and stuff since I called him because I'm not allowed to have a girlfriend yet. months 11-now are like hell. since september she's been messing up and messing up and doing bad things like drinking and wearing skirts and shorts ( she's muslim she doesn't do those things. she told me she hates alcohol, but she drank at a party...idk why) she's been choosing to do bad things. we fight allot. morning, day, night...all the time. over little things. I always feel the stress too, she says she can't trust me since I talked to girls while we broke up..which make no sense because we were single. I liked a couple girls and talked to them when I was single trying to get with them and she says she can't trust me now because I cheated on her and played she's crazy..i was single. she never can listen to what I have to say. I love her so much but she can't realize what I wanna do. she says I'm physco because she hangs up and I call back 18 times...i just want to make things right. she doesn't understand. she doestn care for us anymore. we would talk to each other till 1 am but now its like sleep at 9 and go to sleep. we used to be so close but now we are drifting apart. but I can't see her with another man or see her talking to another guy. it will just kill me. ( by the way we promised each other not to talk to the opposite sex because all we need is each other, so when we breakup we start talking to guys and girls ) for the past 2 weeks I've been trying to fix us. trying to work things out. trying to change but she's not showing me change either. like 2 weeks ago I promised her id change and be nicer and caring and loving..i would do that and make her feel like a princess...but all I get in return is like two I love yous a day. maybe like 1 kiss a day compared to being lovey dovey all the time like months 1-6 in the relationship. we have talked about marriage and our kids and make a kids name up. we have been so close before but I don't know what happened. please help me fix this. we plan on going to college and marrying soon after.i mean we planned but I don't know now. someone help me. all she wants is space from me. she says she knows we won't workout. help me I don't know what to do. please girls tell me what she's thinking?


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  • I love young people. Your sh*t is never going to work.