How do you know when dating transitions to being in a relationship?

So a shy guy at work finally got around to asking me to go on a date with him, I agreed and we instantly clicked. After that first date we'd talk at least once a day and during our second date we had sex. He still texts me every day and at work he's still flirty towards me. He's always thinking of things to do and wants me to hang out with his friends. Things are going so well, but I'm not sure if this means we're in (or getting to that stage) of being in a relationship. I've never been good at seeking out the signs of transitioning into a closed relationship. If I could just have some advice that would be awesome!


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  • it's already a relationship when you both have feelings for each other and can say I love you easily

    • We haven't said 'I love you' just yet, I don't know in my opinion it might be a little soon for those words...but I don't know that's just me...

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  • When he proposes.


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  • Sounds like it to me your already transitioning if after sex he's texting you and wants to hang out good sign your not just booty another plus is you met his friends

    • I guess your right..i was afraid he'd get a little awkward after we had sex. We have a mini-road trip planned for Sunday so we'll have plenty of time to chit chat! I'm just afraid that maybe after every time we go out we may end up just having sex afterward...

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    • For your sanity and well being do so. You deserve respect respect yourself and he will respect you

    • Thanks I will certainly do so!