How can I tell my fiancee that I don't want to get married? at least not yet anyway..

she wants to get married next year but I think I'm to young and I'm one of those people who can't say no v.v

im 20, she's 21 and we'v been together 29 months


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  • Well if your both truly in love you should have good comunication, just take her on a really special unforgetable date and let her know you want to wait until your a little older, tell her you want to marry her just not yet...Say you wanna do things right and be able to buy a house and stuff. If your really good for each other then she will be hurt but understand


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  • Why did you propose to her then if you aren't ready to get married?

    • A tad sexist making the assumption the man proposed, I am shocked and in horror by your actions!

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    • i didn't propose, she kept asking me when I was and then she looks for rings and says, oo you should change your relationship status on fb, so I did and now I'm a financee...

    • I was joking, if you know me enough to have recollection of my questions then you should know that I take very little seriously x

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  • You could always say "why don't we postpone a few more years, we'll be earning more and we can save more money to put towards out wedding. Making our day that little bit more special."

    If she doesn't buy into that then just bite the bullet.

    • nah that won't work :/ my mom thourt she'd be helping by telling her that she would help pay for stuff >.>