Should I believe him and give him a chance?

I dated a guy 5 years ago. We broke up initially because he was not ready to commit. I have always had thoughts about this guy. Within the last 3 years, I had a very short marriage. Now I am divorced. Out of nowhere, this other guy contacts me via messenger, and says that he has feelings for me, and he wants to get back together. I am not sure if he has really changed...any advice or thoughts. When we were togather everything was great except for the fact that he could not commit.


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  • 5 years is a long time so its possible that he has changed, but also highly possible that he hasnt. I would move on unless you're sure you have feelings for him too and WANT to give him a chance. if you just want to see what could happen, rather than wanting to actually have something, then its not worth it.

    how is it possible that out of nowhere he contacts you and tells you he has feelings? if they were there you should have seen them before. no one randomly wakes up one day deciding that they want to be with someone again.

    be warned, this may be a case where he's just looking for some easy ass from an ex. but it wouldn't hurt to still hang out with him and really test the waters a bit. just don't start off assuming that you guys will commit to each other