If you like a girl and she liked you but she got with someone, what are the chances you'll get together?

I'm madly in love with this girl and she liked me a lot too but she got a boyfriend because we didn't talk for a while

Can we still get together? I mean, I know that nobody can tell but I can see us lasting (marriage, seniority, etc) if we get together


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  • A whole month? where were you and where was she, because if you haven't talked for a month then either one of you left this planet, or she's just not interested in you.

    • both of us were just really busy. Classes just started and both of us worked. We takled like all the time in the summer but I mean, her day was from waking up at 5 AM, working until 6, getting home at 7 and then doing homework or going to the school for a lab

      The other guy lives like three minutes away from her and I live like 30 so I was really out of the way and couldn't see her when he could at almost any time.

      Both of us were just extremely busy

What Guys Said 1

  • Why would you want to is the real question.

    • Because I've liked her for a really long time and I think the only reason we didn't get together is because we didn't talk much, if at all for about a month

    • Talking is so stupid, ya know 90%of the time its all fake and never follows through. It gets ,e mad wen people say they need time to talk to one another so stupid. Anyways she fell for a diffemt guy I wouldn't even bother, I'm sure for the last week you've been convincing yourself that its okay that she sees another guy and the only reason she didn't want me was because we didn't talk. Talk means sh*t, it means hope like if a girl wants to talk more she hopes her feeling change bit they never

    • Well when you talk every day straight for a long time and all of a sudden it disappears... Yeah

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