Having a kid with a boyfriend of 6 in a half years?

so I have a kid with my boyfriend of 6 in a half years and we love each other so much. I want to know why most people think when you have a kid before marriage you must be a slut and has it with some random guy. I am 22 year old I got pregnant at 20 had him at 21 I was with my boyfriend for 4 years and 9 months when I got pregnant and we are still together and when we have more money were getting married. not everyone who get pregnant before marriage is a slut but why do people just assume girls who get pregnant before married is a slut.


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  • It's traditional to get married before having a kid. Just society's way of seeing things. But, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. My cousin's in a similar situation. He's not married with her, but they have a kid. I don't see it as slutty or anything like that. I kinda have that feeling when the girl is young, I mean not that she's a slut, just she should've thought it through better, but these things happen. I guess marriage signifies commitment, love, seriousness. Relationships tend to look stronger with that bond, but it doesn't mean they're not as great. In fact, with divorce and all.. XD Anyway, congratulations! =)