If she brings up missing me, how do I react?

This is long...first I want to say the ex girlfriend I was with together for almost two years was amazing. we had an intense connection and everyone envied our relationship because they knew it was going somewhere and her family loved me so much and knew I was the one for her as well as she did. So my ex girlfriend and I split up maybe 4 months ago. She did the breaking. It ended because at the time her communication with me wasn't very good so I pressed for answers politely asking her what was going on and getting responses such as idk. I gave her time during these conversations to speak her mind whether it was 10 min to a few days for her to think about the questions I proposed. It was getting difficult for myself so I asked the girlfriend of hers she always talks to about everything how to deal with this and to see what was up with her. Well my ex found out I was talking with her friend and was obviously mad but what can you expect? and it wasn't just that as an excuse to end things but we only had one problem in our entire relationship that would come up once and awhile(Physicality) and we would try to make adjustments and see what worked but our attempts weren't what we both needed and it took awhile for the both of us to come to an agreement together which at the time we were deciding this was when we were breaking up. I had a high sex drive hers was low but she really enjoyed what we did but didn't want as much as we did which took me a long time to feel comfortable with. Now a month later after we broke up she jumps into another relationship. shocker right I was and her entire family and friends were as well I couldn't figure out what was going on in her head to do this besides it being a rebound. Well once I figured out this I was pissed off and yelled at her through a text and we stopped talking for a few months. out of nowhere she breaks it off with the rebound and she emails me and say hey I'm sorry for the way things went I know I was wrong and I am sorry I hope all is going well. apparently she was treated poorly by the other guy. so now we talked a little over email and set up a time to meet. her birthday was a few days ago and I sucked up my pride and ego and called her house to leave a message wishing her happy b day. she replied nicely and low and behold I ran into her at the mall shopping with her mom. we had a very pleasant run in tbh and it was nice seeing her and her body language was reading crazily to me like she was extremely happy to see me. she was keeping some intense eye contact and was blushing like mad and I chatted with her mom and she implied that my ex was really happy to hear from me on her birthday and she liked it. now I'm trying not to have high hopes for when we meet this wed but the signs she's throwing my way make me think. obviously when we meet I'm keeping it casual just playing catch up and ill let her bring up the more serious matters. if she brings up missing me how do I react? obvious we will have to talk things out


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  • you just said the answer out: talk ,talk with her


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