Always second choice?

So I have a problem, no matter who I talk to, or who I get with, I always end up being second choice or to fill in time. I always get told how beautiful, smart, funny, or the "marriage" type I am. But then...Suddenly, someone else comes along not to long after that (or comes back), and suddenly, I'm being sat down, and told something along the lines of this, " I really like hanging out with you, and you make me happy, but I met this other girl (or talked with an ex), and I have decided to get with them. I'm sorry, you are really amazing, but I like this person. If I didn't meet this person, I would have got with you. You're my second choice for sure though."

It always hurts me, because I can never be the one who is # 1. I don't know what I am doing wrong, or what I am lacking. I have never been sexually involved with anyone, so I know its not because I give in easy or because I sleep around. How can I become someone's first choice, the one who is the girlfriend? I hate always being told this. :/


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  • I can't believe someone would actually say that. There must be something wrong with them, not you. That's the best I can do, hope you get some better answers.

    • thanks. <:) I've been told (the above quote) about three times from three diffrent guys. Which is why its fustrating me. Thanks for your opinion though!

What Girls Said 1

  • well only thing you can do is be yourself. and frankly theses guys left you because the other girl does give it up and that's what they have been wanting and lacking in your relationship with them.

    • Yeah, I'm not going to sleep around to get a boyfriend. I have to much respect for myself haha.

    • no I'm not saying sleep around to get a boyfriend. just that that's what these guys want and if they can't get it with you they can some other girl. why I say older guys are way to go past all that bullsh*t and are more in a matured state.