Why does my fiancee want kids and to get married so young?

and yes she's my fiancee, doesn't mean I proposed..


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  • She probably feels ready to start a family and settle down.

    When someone feels ready, age doesn't really factor into it. It's the mindset. The same can be said with the decision of losing ones virginity, or indulgence of alcohol/drugs.

    You might be young, but you feel ready and mature enough.

    • im not ready and mature tho =/ quite the opposite, I told her I was ready to have kids because if I'd have said otherwize she would have dumped me =/

    • Well that isn't very good .__.

      You need to be honest with her. The last thing you guys want to do is bring a kid in the world and not be ready for 'em.

      It's definitely a place you need to tread on lightly ,though. Good luck :/!

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  • than she ain't your fiancee

    cause obviously her mind set is more grown up and ready to settle

    than your mind set to continue partying