Question about getting back in touch?

my high school Girlfriend recently contacted me on facebook...she's been engaged for the last 3 years to someone that she claims won't pony up and marry her. We hadn't seen each other or talked in 13 years. We hooked up right away, and she went on and on about how much she still loved me and more after all these years. After our brief romantic encounter, she doesn't have time for me, either to chat or to see me, cancels plans and comes up with excuses why she doesn't have time for me. I'm not one to cry about it, but I am confused why she would go on and on about how much she loves me but then suddenly doesn't have time for me. I know her engagement might make it rough for her to find time to see that all it is?


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  • Please look at the last sentence you wrote: "I know her engagement might make it rough for her to find time...". She's engaged dude. I hate to be so blunt but it's right there. I am usually an advocate of wait and see what happens, and have patience but it seems as though she is caught up with this guy and won't give him up for whatever reason. My thinking is are a safety net for her..she can't get this guy to make a commitment to her and it challenges her. We women do like a challenging man whether we want to admit it or not. I say you have the choice to wait for her to finally get sick of his noncommitment and coming fleeing into your arms (I think she would have already if she wanted that) or you can chalk it up as a lesson and simply move on. Your choice but I'd hate to imagine your energy being focused on someone who has none focused on you. Good luck to you and be true to your own heart.


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