He fake proposed?

So on the weekend I was at my boyfriend house, and I was sitting on the computer chair.And he like fake proposed? What's the deal with that? Does that mean anything?


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  • My boyfriend did this to me too except mine did it over the phone! eventually he really did ask me and he did it right...The only answer I got for you is he might be wanting to ask you but be to afraid of how you'll respond so he "fake" asks so that he will know if he wants to REAL ask or not. if you freaked out or seemed hesitant or uncomfortable then he is less likely to ask for real but if you seemed pleased he might just ask again a little further down the road.

    • Do you think he was being serious tho?

    • I really couldn't say if he was serious or not I would have to know BOTH of you personally to make a guess like that but I would assume he was just to be on the safe side that way if you WANT him to you can tell him so and if you DON'T then you can tell him that too maybe you could try saying something like "hey remember how you did the fake proposal the other day? I couldn't help but think...when you did it" then maybe a giggle or a laugh just to make sure that if he WAS joking he don't freak

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