How do I know if an old flame is still in love with me?

We have only seen each other 1 time in the last 9 years and it was for just a short time. I have always thought about him and asked friends about him every chance I get. Its funny how fate takes us down different paths but who knows where our destiny really lies. We never really ever verbally ended what we had, he moved away for a job, I started dating after awhile and ended up pregnant and we both got married to other people. I know I'm unhappy and to the end of my rope with my marriage as my husband is a liar and cheater for at least the last 6 years of our marriage. I have forgiven & forgiven but I don't think I can forgive him this time and hold our family together. I know the old flame was unhappy several years ago, and said his marriage was a big mistake. We talked on the phone one time during that time but never meet even though he wanted too. In about 6 weeks there will be a gathering of old friends and he will be there with his wife I'm sure. I'm nervous to go but I need to get out of the house. Are there any signs to look for to see if its still there after all these years?

I don't plan on crossing any lines, I'm still married and I have been faithful all these years and its not that I feel like I have to have someone else to be there for me when my marriage ends, I'm just curious and I wish my husband would be a man and end the marriage (I'm apparently not what he needs). I know what I have to do for the kids & myself and I have to do this not knowing if I'll ever find someone again.


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  • For me honesty and trust is a BIG thing in a relationship. If your husband has cheated many times and your feeling for him has faded I personally would just end it. It seems like the right thing to do in my opinon. As for the other guy I think he has feelings for you. Guys don't tell such private things unless they really trust and like that person. Hope this helps :-)

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