Would you marry someone who is a criminal?

I have a four months foreign boyfriend I have been hiding because of his international criminal records. He theft million dollars 5 years ago from an international bank in Japan.
Now he is living in Malaysia for already five years and we happen to meet each and fell in love. We do really love each other.

Until such time my family caught me I have a boyfriend. At first, they like him because he seems to be serious to me but later when my family find out he is a wanted international criminal, my family changed and hated him.
My family wants me to go away from this man or else they will make case for him. And so I did.

Now my boyfriend don't want this to happen. He wants to marry me to prove that he loves me. What shall I do. Should I marry someone a criminal? Doesn't it matter because we both love each other?
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Would you marry someone who is a criminal?
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