Why don't I to get along with guys?

Over the years I haven't seemed to get along with guys very well. I don't know why and its upsettig me because the other girls my age get along with them very well. Please can you help me by saying why I don't get along with guys or what I can do so I do.


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  • Not enough info to go on to give a non speculative reply about what hasn't worked out in the past.

    Unclear for the future if you are looking for dates or for platonic friends.

    For new friends I think step 1 is to realize guys are no more homogenous than girls. Step 2 is to listen. Step 3 is to considerately plan what might engage him. Step 4 is to initiate in a non threatening situation, then give-take and get to know each other.

    Everyone likes and is interested in slightly different things. To start an engaging conversation that might turn into a friendship you need some common ground as a starting point. If you are near someone it might be fun to talk with in a work or social situation it is as simple as listening to what they are talking about in the background while you are doing your thing with existing friends.

    When one of them talks with passion/interest/energy about something you care about note this. This is something you and he can develop a conversation from when the chance arises. Think out a couple of related things to develop to if the first thing turns out not to have much mileage.

    Then try to engineer a situation where you aren't the only two people (easier for neither of you to be the sole focus, and other people can keep things moving if one of you dries up).

    Same recipee for dates, just move things further along with fewer people there.

    Good luck.


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