My husband wants to seperate?

Long story short.. A few weeks ago my husband suddenly wants to separate.. I stayed away for a few weeks and am now living back home in OUR house. He stays here as well and has been sleeping on the couch. I've asked him if he was wanting a divorce..he says yes. I've told him 3 times in just this last week to get an attorney and have me served, he has yet to contact an attorney. Some days he wants to talk and chit chat about random stuff... Other days he's completely rude and won't say a word to me. (today being one of those days) I talked to his sister today and she said he told her I was boring now and wouldn't go out and "party" with him. He also doesn't ask me to go out when he does go. The only other reasons he's told me if silly stuff, like if I leave dishes in the sink it bugs him. He's got me so confused.. After 3.5 weeks he will not even say the word divorce to me...sones days he acts fine but distant... Other days he's just rude. I believe a marriage is forever and I need to do everything I can to make it work.. I just don't know what to do?! I'm afraid everything I do is going to be the wrong way. Any advice? By the way.. I'm a female and married to a male. It's been brought to my attention my profile says male. The only way to correct it is to cancel my account and make anew one. :(


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  • you can always try therapy first but if certain things can't work out then just do what you want to do but it sounds like you two won't stay together!


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