How would you propose to someone?

Guys: How would you like to propose to you dream girl?

Girls: How would you like to get proposed to?

The common way or an original way

My cousin's husband proposed to her on the top of mt. Snowden and my dad proposed to my mother by spelling will you marry me with stones on a beach.


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  • I would hope that it is very romantic and from the heart. And very personal, meaning, not in a public way. Now, that doesn't mean it can't happen in public, I just wouldn't want it to be a spectacle, no jumbo tron! Your dad was a thoughtful romantic, I'm sure he has some great advise for you, and maybe your mom too.

    Perhaps you could take her to one of your favorite places as a couple and have a romantic dinner or picnic, wine & cheese. Then afterward, tell her all of the things that you love about being together with her, all of their little things that make life happy and special, worth coming home to. Things that make you want to keep coming home to her for the rest of your life. Then ask her if she would like to come home to you for the rest of her life.

    That's kind of how I see it... to each his own! I'd like a place that I could come back to every year too. Just to "rekindle" a little spark.

    Good luck.

    • good answer, I'm not proposing to anyone any time soon , I was just wondering

    • and I'm not a lesbian

    • No, sorry, I just mixed up my pronouns. Ooops! No offense.

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  • It would be simple but romantic. I'll take her to a quiet place where we can see the the city from above and the sunset, and where there's no one. Then I would simply grab her hand, go down on one knee, open the ring box and ask tell her to marry me.

    Somewhere like this.

    • I love it, simple and sophisticated. Good luck :) x

    • Thanks, but is gonna be long until I marry someone though xD

  • I would have a puppy walk up to the girl. Tell her to read the tag it would say "look up!" When she does There would be a blimp that says "will you marry me?" When she would turn to look at me I would be in 1 knee & have the ring there!! If she said yes I would have doves fly by rose peddles drop! Hug & kiss her!!

    • How thoughtful :) she's a lucky girl

  • i did to my wife 3hours after me met and after the fourth time i made love to her on her couch in living room and yes we was both naked when i ask her on both knees she thought and said you should joke about that i took her face in my hands and said baby i ain't joking 2 months and one day after we met we got married that was 13 years ago next month will be 13 years we are married

    • Wow, congratulations. How did you know she was the one?

    • she cares for me and don't care if I have money or not

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