Which guy to choose? Help please.

I got to know Guy A online and we were hanging out more often lately. From friends to dating lovers. I didn't accept his proposal for an official relationship because I know I can't commit.

Recently, having a dilemma because I always have this guy in my heart. Guy B who I got to know for many years. We got into a relationship and not long after, I broke up with him and he was depressed about that.

I didn't want to make him upset and I know he had move on because he refused to see me. So I gave up and that is when I knew Guy A. But after he suspected that I was close with Guy A, he tried to get back with me. I didn't want my feelings to sway because I don't want to end up hurting Guy A too. The problem is I know my future with Guy A is rather not possible because he wasn't sure about his own future. On the other hand, Guy B is opposite of him, he is very sure of what he wants.

What guy should I be with?


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  • Only you can answer that question best. It sounds like you want Guy B a little more and I tend to believe it because your reason for not wanting A was that you didn't want a relationship, and that's not an issue with B it seems. Whatever you do, just be honest with everyone.

    • Yes. Guy A is at a young age but we hit off well due to mutual affection. Guy B and me started fast and ended fast too. We are still in contact but because he is always busy, I had to give up the relationship. I thought I could put everything behind and progress with Guy A but Guy B had to come in between both of us because he wanted me back.

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  • ..there's NO WAY in the WORLD that rando people on this website can tell you which one to choose. It's YOUR life.. you might not always make the right choices, but, that's the beauty of it.

    YOU must decide, not us.

    gL though.

  • Are you playing both guys at once? Personaly I think they are better off without you.

    • Although I find your comment inappropriate, I have to say I have always been honest with them about my feelings.

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