What do you think about MCI new proposal Vision 2015?

Medical Council of India recently developed a proposal called as 'Vision 2015'. As told by them, this has been done to reform the Medical education the country. The way I see it, nothing seems to be wrong with the existing UG medical education and the proposed UG medical education is moving away from global standard too. A Medical student has to undergo so many years of study for a plain reason that when a patient walks over to be examined, the Doctor should be able to advice him on the issue.

The attempt to introduce elective subjects will lead to confusion as doctors may be different from each other. Medical education is intended to give all inclusive training to bring out a complete doctor in a student. Every aspect of medical science is important. So, the very concept of introducing elective subjects does not hold good in medical science. What MCI has proposed will only result in half baked Doctors and it will create a lot of chaos. The Field of Medical Science is ever expanding and we cannot have doctors who are only adept with the basic's to handle strong cases.

Instead of increasing the Duration of the MBBS course (as Medical science is increasing by the day), Vision-2015 is reducing the duartion of the course!


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  • seems a bit strange to me.. either you want to be a GP (your average doctor that can help you with pretty much everything simple and refer you to someone if more help is needed) or a specialist.. there's no point going to you local doctor if s/he only knows about influenza and viral infections if you have a brain tumor for instance.


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  • Do you have a link towards this subject? This is interesting especially since I am going into this field and I really don't want to be mislead or confused!

    • Exactly my point guys, the govt is just looking to monetize the whole thing. Belleza, this is the situation in India, your education will not be affected unless you are planning to come down to India for Medical education. If you still want the link, please let me know.

    • yes sure why not maybe I will go there one day!