Girls: If you like a guy, do you want to talk to him everyday?

Do you want to talk to him everyday?

Do you want space between days if nothing is official yet?

If you think there is a possibility that something could happen, would you talk to him more?

Would you not text him back right away when we initiates the conversation?

I am talking to this girl for an arranged marriage situation. We have been talking for a few weeks now. I live in Canada and she lives in south india. I did not want to waste my time on this issue so I asked her if she thinks I could be the guy so I know if I should plan to go meet her. for some reason all questions asked above lead to her.

I don't know what to do. should I take time off work and go meet her or not? She does seem interesting to me and she did once say that she wants to meet me because she thought I was interesting.

BUT THEN WHY!? why does she not talk to me everyday and why does she not answer me right away. why do I always have to initiate the conversation... why does she end a conversation without saying anything... and then the next conversation she will act as if its a new day...

and I over thinking this?

girls please help, also if you are an Indian or in India please mention so I have a desi girls point of view.


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  • ok hun here it goes... first does here parents know about you? what religion is she? is her parents sticked? living on India is like living in the Arab world we have similar cultures. it wouldn't mater if she is a women or a girl in there eyes its all the same. plus in india they have arranged marriages where the girl is forced to marry the man her dad picks for her! so maybe she is interested in you but it the situation she is in where she can only talk to you in a certain time. give her some time and ask here what is her situation is. I hope I was able to help you hun! :)

    good luck

    • hey thanks. she is hindu and also there is no pressure from her parents. They are aware that we are talking and they are willing to give her time to make up her mind. also I know that even after 2 months if she says no they will not have a problem. her situation seem open because she works during the day and in the evening she's home or out with friends... I understand there is a time difference but when she is home shouldent she message me... I mean her parents are aware of who she is takin to

    • well hun I would think that she would message you but maybe she is busy! give her some time and ask her what's going on? is every thing OK? I was wondering if you could answer my question please its on here some where? Did I blow it with him by telling him I like him and I have romantic feelings for him?

    • first of all... I'm a guy.. ;) and I did not say anything romantic to her.. all I said was that I think she has the qualitys I'm looking for in a bride (exact words) and I told her that would like to meet her before I make my decision and she said she would like to meet me too.. I just can't figure out if she is serious.

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  • Yes I currently like someone and I like to talk to him everyday even though I feel that I bug him sometimes. I would always text him back, regardless of feelings. I hate it when people don't reply.

  • you can't like someone you haven't her and see what happens

    • im not saying that I like her but I need to know if she seems interested or not... I don't have anymore paid holidays left... and she doesn't seem to be cooperative..

    • can she come to you?

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  • yes

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