If you are married, would you like your wife to be this way?

Lets say you had been married with yourcurrent spouse for like 13 years and have 12 yrd old son. Youu both as a couple enjoys to drink often, so you always have liquour in your house pantry in your house, but you both are not alcoholics, simply both enjoy to drink especially when there are get togethers at your house, but even if you dont have get togethers, you always have liquour at your house.

Your wife also likes to go out socially often at nites and dress up sexy but she ain't goiing out with her man often but wth her friends. The husband when goes out with his main squeeze he dress up casual, is the wife who dress in high heels tight pants and clothes, or sexy cleaveges, sexy clothes. Her wife also goes out socialy with her gay friends to drink at bars but the husband never joins her when she goes out with her gay friends, of course no inapprpriate behavior will happen with the wife alone and the gay friends, so she is kind of safe to say it in a way.

Also the wife when going out at nite (not with her husband) by herself with her friends either gay or not gay, she likes to return home very late afterwards, like 4am in the morning after partying

The wife in a professional field she is a lawyer and the husband works in Communication.

I have a friend like this, yesterdya i went to her hosue as she invite me to celebrate the birthday of one of her friends that I also know at her house. So I left the house around 3am (im not married or have kids) and this lady since she was in her own house, went to sleep like 1am (of course she was drinking the whole ite Margaritas, and her husband was drinking the whole nite beers, but the rest of the guests still were tehre talking and socializing, including her husband. So the husband told us "she must be tired as the day before she came home at 4am as she was socialzing with her friends".
If you are married, would you like your wife to be this way?
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