Answer only if you know about Plato's Theaetetus.

I am doing on essay on Plato's Theaetetus, and when Theaetetus and Socrates are saying that knowledge is true judgment, what do they mean by judgment?

What do they mean by judgment in the story***


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  • Judgment, is the soul’s internal reasoning function.

    • What do they mean by judgment in the story?

    • That is what it means in the story.

      Well in the story, Socrates tries to define Judgement as the final stage of the mind’s conversing with itself.

      But basically, they mean the soul (or Mind) reasoning a conclusion.

      The real difficulty comes with trying to work out True Judgement and False Judgement.

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  • How you judge something, but then how do you know what is true knowledge?

    • I don't know! the whole things just too confusing

    • philosophy usually has more questions than answers with bits of brilliant thinking you can actually take away and apply

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  • The Theaetetus basically proposes three definitions that they (Socrates and Theaetetus) define to be knowledge. The funny thing about the piece is that it merely ends up concluding what knowledge is not rather than defining what it is. The definitions they suggested they both argued to be wrong. I can't remember the definition off the top of my head but there are two based on knowledge being true judgement, one including judgement with account.

    In this case (i'll try and explain this better than my lecturer did lol) knowledge according to the defintion is gained through our sensory experiences (empiricism) and how we reason these sensory situations. It is there that we can make judgements. Therefore, knowledge is true judgment. However, Socrates and Theaetetus both ended up rejecting this definition.

    Extra bit in case you didn't know! Plato went on to propose that sensations and sensory experience have no cognition (ie, we sense them but we cannot contruct reason and belief from them), he said there needed to be something that we refer to in order to make true judgements and beliefs from our senses. He stated that what we neededwere the Forms (but you probably have learnt that! lol)

    Too any memories of college right there lol, I hope that helped though :)