When should I tell him about my ex-fiance?

So I am going on my third date with this guy on Thursday. It's going really well and in between dates we have been texting and Facebooking. He seems really keen and I'm optimistic! BUT, the last relationship I was in was pretty serious: we lived together and we were engaged, plus we had our wedding and all booked (church, hotel, photographer, band). Long story short, he turned around one day and said he didn't love me anymore and I was devastated. This was a year and a half ago and I have only recently been in a place where I felt I could date someone again. As you may have guessed, that relationship and how it ended was a big deal in my life.

So, my question is: when is a good time to disclose details of the last relationship? I don't mean intimate details, I just mean, the fact we were engaged and lived together and stuff? How long should I wait before telling him this? (I am not saying I need to tell him this week by any means, but I just don't want to leave it too long, in case he thinks I have purposely withheld anything).


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