#Survey Whats the most you’d spend?

Copy and Paste please #Spendin #Sexvey
1. On a car?
2. On a house?
3. On rent?
4. On a wedding?
5. On a wedding dress/tux?
6. On a wedding cake?
7. On a wedding ring?
8. On a honeymoon?
9. On a hairstyle/cut?
10. On a hotel room?
11. On week groceries?
12. On a shopping spree?
13. On a pair of shoes?
14. On alcohol/drink at a bar?
15. On a restaurant meal?
16. On electronics (tv, phone, games)?
17. On a plane ticket?
18. On church/charity?
19. On a date?
20. On, well at, the casino?
21. On Christmas gifts for significant other?
1 y
car? 21k-65k
house? 350k (with land) to build
rent? $1k
wedding? $15-20k
wedding dress/tux? $2k
wedding cake? $1k
wedding ring? $3k
honeymoon? $5k-10k
pair of shoes? $120
alcohol/drink at a bar? N/a
restaurant meal? $60
electronic (tv, phone, game)? 200/350/400
plane ticket? $550
church/charity? 10% church, $50 charity
date? $200
casino? $250
Christmas gifts for SO? $350
On a hairstyle/cut? $300
On a hotel room? $700 a night
On weekly groceries? $15
1 y
And my fam thought what i was willing to spend was crazy 😂 some of y'all insane. by the way my list cut off above. It was $150 every 2 weeks for groceries. Most i’d spend on a used car is like 12k or $35k on an average suv/sedan or 65k on a bmw. The wedding cake actually cost over $10k but ill find someone to do it fro under $1k hopefully. 350 was for a phone upgrade since i’d be on contract, so like $50-120 a month billwise. I dont trust where charity money goes, so $50
#Survey Whats the most you’d spend?
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