My boyfriend keeps asking me to marry him but he isn't serious when he says it. what does this mean?

by serious I mean it isn't officially asking me he just says it.


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  • do you think he is marriage material?

    are you ready to get married?

    is he a real boyfriend material?

    if the 3 answers are yes, call him on it and say yes

    if some are no, tell him to never ever say this to ANY woman without meaning it


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  • My boyfriend does this a lot too.. We'll be laying together and he'll just be like "Will you marry me?" I just laugh and say no because I'm not quite sure what he's getting at. Sorry I can't give any advice, but I'm interested in what others have to say about it

    • its okay but its confusing isn't it? but does he get defensive when you say no?

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    • I'm just guessing. You guys are both still very young, I am too. You're not wasting your time, do you love him? Does he make you happy? Even if you guys didn't get married you'd still have all the amazing memories. But only the future can tell

    • yes I love him and he makes me happy and he loves me too. but I suppose I don't really want those memories tho if the relationship comes to an end

  • Trying to get you to think about it.