Should I settle for less?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years 3 weeks ago and keep having mixed feelings, how long does it take to realize if you made the right or wrong decision? And would he ever forgive me for dumping him if I say I'm sorry and ask him back? I need space to see what it is I want out of life, he had told me for years he wanted marriage then out of blue he said he wanted kids but not marriage, I want marriage one day so decided to break up, should I settle for less? Or should he just be left alone and if he doesn't change his mind on marriage let him be instead of looking for something off him he doesn't want? Honestly I thought the thought of losing me would change his opinion on marriage


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  • For me it's essential to be tied to someone through marriage before raising a family..This signifies to bond of commitment on both parties..You made a good decision in doing this..if he gets you pregnant and leaves you with kids it would be unfair on your part..Give it time the ball now is in his court..let him realize your worth..any guy who wouldn't want to be married and have kids are actually a big pain..

  • How long after the break up you started getting those mixed feelings? you can't settle for less but did you try talking it all out. Is there a reason he changed his mind about marriage?

    • About a week and a half I told him clearly how I felt after the break up we were talking actually arguing I said I thought he'd fight for me he said he is totally in love with me but because of the arguments he lost the love for the relationship, this has been said before during arguments I wanted to be friends for awhile he didn't then he came around but I had to do no contact then because contact was making it really difficult with my feelings, don't know what to do, what he wants anymore

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    • Thank you for your advice, just one last question do you think I should contact him in time or wait and let him contact me? If and when he does and if you think I should how long should I wait? Is no contact the best thing to do so he an see if marriage is one day what he wants? After I broke up with him I did say I love you and I'm sorry but we want diff things, know that more than one question sorry getting outside advice helps so much thanks

    • contact him asap, Don't sound desperate. text sonething like this: hey(ex) I would like to discuss the issues that caused our break-up. If you're interested , you can let me know by( monday) so we can set up a time and do this. Take care

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