Is there no hope for Libra guys anymore?

With marriage becoming more and more unpopular and prone to failure and with the increase in people having casual sex do Libra guys even stand a chance at being happy now days?

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  • No there is no hope for them, and I'll explain why...
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I am asking this because Libra are said to be happiest when married.
Wow I didn't realize so many people hated star signs, I'll have to make an option for them on the poll next time I post it.


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  • Astrology crap is stupid.

    • Fair enough, I should have included that option in the poll now that I think about it.

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  • Find an Aquarius who is equally bat-sh*t crazy enough to believe in astrology.

    • I agree with you I married a aquarius & I'm a libra I have been married seven years and counting

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    • technically I am an Aquarius but she is right basing your marriage or love life on the stars which Galileo or whomever else named - is complete bull!

    • No, they are very wasteful. Their sign shows a picture of a person pouring water out onto the ground. They don't appreciate water and the work that it took to get that water, obviously.

  • Ok astrology has nothing to do with happiness - there is no such thing as having only 12 different personalities! It is not possible - I have 4 alone and don't tell me it is also based on 100 different things - no finding happiness or the right person just happens - when you are ready you will find it! Stop concentrating too much on astrology and concentrate on finding the right person!

  • wouldnt worry I'm a libra girl and I swear the scales are always on the unlucky side, I doubt ill ever be happy with the guy I've always wanted. just our rubbish star signs

  • libra guys are the best ... you just need to find someone on your level sweetie... because libras can be very serous when they start to talk to someone especially in a relationship

  • star signs have nothing to do with anything. but girls want marriage, guys don't

  • The guy I have a huge crush on is a Libra, and a rather typical one (from what I can see anyways). Personally, I really admire his "Libra-like" qualities and I think he'd be an amazing boyfriend.

    Just wondering, what typical Libra qualities do you think you possess? Maybe I can say more from there :)


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  • I'm sorry mate, but I think anyone who's main identifying characteristic is their starsign is going to have problems coping with the real world. As is demonstrated by your non-sequiter question.

    I could ask: With hurricanes becoming stronger and stronger, and an increase in large earthquakes do brunette girls even stand a chance at owning property now days?

    And it would make nearly as much sense... :)

    • Wow that's really rich...

      Not only couldn't you answer the compound question or the poll but your insulting me? With a dead language no less. Yeah good luck with that.

      Look Viper 172 if have problems coping in the real world that's your problem and since you're a member here you could post questions about it or you could go see a psychiatrist or a life coach.

      But please don't use your problems to try and derail somebody else's question.

    • I'm sorry that you felt insulted. I wasn't have a dig at you personally -just anyone who believes in the vacuous crap called astrology. Please feel free to go ahead and believe anything you want. I promise not to dis the tooth fairy or santa claus either... :)

    • Dude your 48 grow up.

  • Libra or not, so long as you can't make yourself happy, no one else will.

    • I have to disagree with that, there are many different types of people in life who are in turn motivated by different things, and if they fail to achieve what motivates them they become unhappy.

      Some find happiness being married,

      Some find happiness in having children,

      Some find happiness in striving for a career,

      In cases like these it takes another person to act and take part in your life to help you achieve what motivates you. Even with a career you need someone to notice your efforts

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    • Maybe, But how many other people adopt that kind of mentality?

      People want to chase their dream, they want to be somebody, or achieve something worth while, so they want that raise, bonus, promotion, or success because it will makes them happier then they are now more content then they are now.

      That means that they require another person or a great deal of people to notice them and put the effort it to make sure that your efforts do not go unrewarded.

    • You're starting to sound like a broken record player.

      Many people adopt the same mentality I exude. The simple matter of the fact is that most others are much older. Most have gone through life seeking everything you seek. As your clock continues to tick eventually you figure out that everything you thought was important really wasn't.

      I've seen kids in third world countries who have a happier life than most north Americans. Expectations are the alkalies heel of happiness.

  • I'm a Librarian and don't believe that for a second. For one thing, there are many people out there who want to get married and are capable of maintaining long-term relationships. The difficulty is when you fall into a relationship or marriage with someone you don't know well enough.

  • Mate, according to my star sign I am energetic and social... I sit around all day reading history books :/

    Star signs mean nothing at all, my good chap *sips pondering tea cup*

    • Mine says I'm comepletely social but turns out I'm an introvert. While it's fun to think about, I do differ from the mold of my star sign, but I wonder since the libra star sign is marriage oriented what are the side effects of the declining state of marriage on people of such a star sign.

    • Lateness is no long sweetness!

      *cough* Anyway, I just got this sudden image of a set of scales sitting in an office, signing papers before leaving a woman clutching a baby behind D:

  • Why specifically libra:>?

    • Libra are said to be happiest when married, but with marriage being prone to fail these days I thought I would ask.

  • No! Happiness belongs to the four-hooved Sagittarius!