Guys what makes you suddenly ready to marry your gf?

Is it becuase your both at the right age

financially secure

you love her

i know people who have asked there partners to marry them and have stayed engaged for several years becuase they weren't financially secure yet, or the right age.

so the point I'm trying to make is what could it be in the girl that makes the guy feel so comfortable or makes the guy want to ask the girl.

i really want my boyfriend to propose so I want the secrets :) xx

in the past 6 months he has been focusing on his career and has become obsessed at fixing a secure future a house/career/new car etc, he found himself able to do this when he found himself more confident and comfortable in our relationship. we have been together 1.5 years, he is turning 26 soon, so we are around the right age, our relatinship has been rocking in the last 3/4 months but has been dramtically improving :) :) and I want to keep it this way.


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  • Dear Leftie;

    In my experience my male friends have always proposed as soon as they think that you are the girl that they actually want to marry and that you won't run a mile if they do.

    You really are at the prime of your life right now,one and a half years is quite enough for him to make up his mind.

    In my world if a young lady in your position wanted to move forward then she might use the help of an already married couple who know the both of you.You chat to the wife and she tells her husband to have a 'man to man' with your boyfriend and tell him to do the right thing.

    Best Regards;



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