Girlfriend broke up with me randomly?

I am long distance relationship. I just met her month and half ago and thing were great we spent V-day together and had a blast. The next two weeks was her crying and wanting to see me again so I plan other trip to go see her. Had another great time with her. We talk about get houes, marriage, jobs for her. I leave and we are gone from each other for just over two weeks and she breaks up with randomly. Never saw it coming, we have never fight about anything. She's tells me I want to date other men, I have no more feeling for you. Two days before this we were chatting on the phone and talking like we were going to be together for a long time. Any input into what you think may of happen, or what I can do to get her back would be great.

i have been with her for 3 and half years. this last 6 months have been, the long distance part of our relationship


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  • Im sorry about to me it sounds like she has found someone else


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