How to deal with flakes, and what to say to her?

how should I handle this, she cancelled on two plans, one was for this saturday, maybe she was telling the truth, but to cancel two plans in one day, first we were suppose to be going out today, but she had hangover, and secondly, I was suppose to be stopping at her house this Saturday because of her mum was going away, but now she told me her grandad Doesn't get out of hospital while saturday, so her mum isn't going away... what could I say to her that will make her realize I have options, and don't wana be messed with?


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  • I would say you try one more plan, and sort of expect for it to go wrong so that it is not a let down. If she cancels that, stop wasting your time. Flakes are no fun for anyone!

    It's not a matter of 'not being messed with'. She might just not like you and doesn't want to say it because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

    If she does indeed like you, she might try to contact you once you stop talking to her. If this does happen, you will have to tell her you thought she didn't like you because she kept canceling on your plans.

    • i asked her to come ice skating, and she said maybe another time

    • Alright...she sounds like a waste of time to me. I would suggest leaving her alone.

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  • Honestly it hurts me the most to be flaked on and I've got tons of experience of it: I usually just ignore the guy and not reply to his messages for a while and just move on.

    In my opinion you shouldn't talk to her for a while. A couple of weeks. Don't initiate conversation. I hate the excuse of a hangover. SO TRASHY.

    • yea, she asked me last night to see if I wanted to go out with her saturday, and I said can't afford a taxi, and then she said well stop at mine, bring a mate and he an stop too. obviously I don't wana call her a liar, so I said that fine, maybe another time, I can't go Saturday anyway. speak soon, and she asked me what's up, I said nothing, I'm just going out with some mates, she didn't even wana come ice skatin, and she is going to watch her mates boyfriend play foot ball. so what shud I do, ignore her?

  • honey don't put up with this ,being a flake is no excuse for her behavior,if she was into you she would make more of an effort!


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  • My father always told me if a girl cancels plans with you than you should never make more plans. It becomes her turn to step up and suggest things. I think you shouldn't ask her out anymore, limit the amount of talking and see if she suggest going out or changes the date. See if she engages in conversations with you or not.


    • i just text her asking if she is sure she doesn't wana come ice skating tomorrow, and said, its no problem if not, I will just ask someone else... and she replied you will have to ask someone else then..this is the sh*t tezt at its best this a good thing that's happening. she is playing the game. I am not going to reply to her at all now. I'm done with this bitch, plenty of fish out there haha