Asking my girl to marry me?

How long should I wait before asking my girl to marry me? My girlfriend and I have only been dating for a few months but we have know each other for a little over half a year. I have been thinking about the fact that I have never been this happy in my life. She is so wonderful and I love her to death. What I am wondering is how long should I wait before I go ahead and ask her to marry me?


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  • Well honesty, time is something that we need to hold sacred and yes you need to know your girlfriend and give time for your relationship to mature and for you to both get to know each other better...but also you need to not waste your time. I think you know what you want and that you both love each other very very much! embrace your differences and be happy that you have found your love. just remember that she and you are both here now but tomorrow someone may not be. So tell her you love her every chance you get and about marriage... ASK HER! If she needs some time she will tell you and you could always go for a long engagement... just don't be distraught if she says she wants to wait... she will let you know! Good Luck... I am so happy for you!

    Take Care & Bless you and your Loved ones!

    I hope this helped!



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  • Well before you do anything, make sure that YOU are ready. Remember all the responsibility of living with someone and maybe starting a family. Make sure that you have enough money to maintain them. If you're still in college it's probably not a good idea to do it now.

  • Things are always great in the beginning. Wait at least till you one year anniversary, that way you can see how she is through every season, also it's surprising how much a person can change in a year. so see how that goes. U still have plenty of time on your hands.

  • definitely wait a whole year, people tend to act differently during different seasons. sounds silly but its true. are you two living together? if not, try that before getting married.

  • When the moment's right you'll know!! even if you don't have a ring yet. just ask her! and let her pick out the ring if she wants! or you can pick out one yourself if she asks but just set her down when the moment is right! luv me


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  • I would still say that your in the early stages of your relationship.

    Also, you might want to make sure that the both of you would be mature enough to handle the aspects of marriage. Are you incredibly messy? Do you keep a checkbook? Do you have a fairly steady income? Does she? Do you insist on going out with guy friends 3 times a week? Does she go out with her girlfriends 3 times a week? Do you handle disagreements well, and maturly? Can you argue without insulting a lot? Does she? Would you get up nightly when she hears a bump? or if she's pregnant, has some weird craving or need? Do you share in duties?

    will she stick up for you, and you for her? Will you do little favors for her years later? Are you a person that has to be asked 10 times before doing something? Do you guys save up money, or spend most to party? Can you handle a long stretch of no passion or sex? Does she or you have a temper over small things? How do you both handle frustrations naturally? Is she really super supportive when you're sick? Are you for her? Do you freak about having your own money, or do you let her borrow, and will she do the same for you? Can you afford an bigger apartment, condo, or house? Do you know which buttons to push to get her riled up, and does she with you? Will you avoid those in an argument?

    These are just some of the questions that a married couple should ask themselves and their partners before getting married.

    Can you handle changes? The both of you will change. Unfortunately, not always for the better. Sometimes, very much for the better. Can you handle those changes?

    There are some people who have never met before they get married, and, surprisingly, it works really well. There are some who live together for years, and then they get married, and it falls apart. There are people who are in love on minute, filing for divorce the second, so I can't give you a real time frame. Only you and your girlfriend can do that.

    Just realize that a couple of months is really not sufficient to tell, unless you're really "in tune" with understanding her nuances and quirks. Have you had your first argument or fight yet?

    Just start saving money, and see where this goes. I think the average for asking somebody to marry you is about a year. Any more than that, it starts being more statistically likely that a marriage will fall. But, like I said, there's a lot of variables in that, and it depends on the couple.

    I would wait. Consider the friendship as "worth only a few months" even if you've known her for years, because being your girl friend vs being your girlfriend, fiance, or wife is a lot different. Consider this relationship as very new, and wait till you're DATING at least 6 months to decide. Then start talking about everything with her... Your past, her past, dealing with methods of handling frustration... etc.

    • I don't know how you could think about this all in one time but this is great. its the real questions that need to be answered

  • Dude, relationships change people. You might have known her as a friend for a year+ but she's not going to be the same person you knew. Wait a while longer and just make sure you like who she turns out to be. So many people are fake that it is easy to think you know someone and it turns out when you get really close that you don't really. Try to get yourselves living together for a few months and if you still love her after being in such close quarters then ask her. Don't take marriage too lightly, way too many americans are getting divorces because they thought they loved someone that they never took the time to intimately get to know.

  • Make sure you're not just in the honeymoon stage of the relationship still. I would date a while longer to see if things continue to be that good. Have you guys discussed marriage together?

    • I was going to wait a while before I ever asked anyways and we have discussed it in hidden ways of saying moving someplace together and stuff but we haven't actually said lets get married either.

  • Okay... I have known my boyfriend of two years for 8 years. We don't plan on getting engaged until at least year three or four... I'd say a few months or even a half a year is wayyyy too soon. So you're completely happy. Enjoy it for awhile. See if you can last at least a year and a half to two years before you propose... Sometimes, the first few months can be amazing and then it goes completely down hill (which I hope it doesn't for you!).

    Good luck to you.

    • Okay, so this is my friend's account, haha. My bad. But, I'm CtinaDitty and I meant to put that there, so. In case you were thinking that this was a guy/guy relationship it's not, it's a girl/guy relationship just like yours, lol.

      Sorry for the confusion! :)

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