Family friend keeps giving me signs but sometimes he's indifferent.

There's this guy, who is a very close family friend, he was engaged to a girl when we met. I was 16 he was 28 and every time we have a family get together he could be across the room and kind of stare at me or when we're ready to seat at the table he would seat right next to me(even tho his fiancée is seating on the other side. he move from Calgary to Boston for two year came back with new fiancee and after 3 years got married last October and of course I'd to go even tho I didn't want to. on the wedding day he saw me and said I looked beautiful and while he was getting married he kept looking at me :s. when we're by ourselves he would be really nice to me and when there's people around us he would avoid talking to me or ignore me(but keeps looking at me) and every time we see each other keeps glancing at me, even my mom notice it. so I'm not sure what his deal if you know or have an idea, I would really appreciate if you help me know what's going on!


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  • so what happend

    • nothing, now he's happily married, and me...still trying to look for the "one" :( , which I don't think is happening any soon :(