What do I do? 😩😩😩?

Me and my husband have been together 12 years ( married 3), I have always made it known that I want marriage and children, I grew up with happily married parents only ever married to each other and he grew up with a mom that has been in multiple relationships and married 3 times, he has always said that he wants the same things as me and finally married me but has always been very cautious when it comes to sex making sure that I won’t get pregnant even to this day, has only came in me a hand full of times, when he knows I won’t get pregnant. And shuts down when I even mention other couples our age getting pregnant or other kids, will he ever want kids or am I wasting my time, he is the love of my life but I don't know if I am willing to give up having kids for him if he doesn’t. What is he thinking?
What do I do? 😩😩😩?
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