Have you been proposed to? If so, how did he propose?

Have you been proposed to? If so how did he purpose? If they did it all over again or wanted to ask you again where would it be and how would you want them to do it?


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  • it was around october when my boyfriend proposed to me after 1 month of dating because he said out of all the girls he's dated, that I was the one but I didn't take him seriously because I'm 16 so I said maybe but not now nad then a week later he broke up with me :/

    • Sounds like it was built to last

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    • i don't know how I would want a guy to propose to me, if its someone who I truly care about and love then any way to propose would be special hmm maybe on the beach sounds nice

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  • yes, my ex boyfriend of 4 years proposed to me but then he cheated on me. -_-

    He bought me a ring and proposed to me in front of my parents on the beach (we were all on vacations).

  • my boyfriend (well now fiancee) is in the army and deployed in Iraq, he asked me to get on skype and proposed to me in front of his platoon :D

    I said YES!


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