Saying sorry to your ex girlfriend?

Dear all,

My girl friend broke up with me 6 months before. We were on a healthy relationship. But since I did a few bad things like not agreeing to meet her friends and said it was too early to decide upon a marriage( as she wanted to get married to me ) she said to me that she lost the feelings she had for me. I did not want to be friends with her though she wanted to. but we did not become enemies. WE used to talk once in a while and finally I left the country for a job. Now I'm in a different country. But still I have feelings for her. And I really feel bad about what I did( not agreeing to meet her friends and talking angrily when she talked about marriage )

My dad knew the story and he is kind of a good friend to me. So he(without my knowledge) met this girl and asked if she wanted to get back on with me and that he would help me out in that regard. But she has told that it would never happen.

I still feel for her though I pretended to be cool afterwards(in facebook etc) I have now blocked her from my facebook too now.

I strongly feel like calling her and say sorry for what I did during that time though we have ended the relationship. Do you guys think its a bad idea? I know I made the mistake there is no way I can get back together with her.(because of her answer to my dad) But still I think its a nice thing to say sorry even though its too late. May be she would not give a damn about this. But still I feel to do so. Cos no one is perfect.

Please advise.

thanks in advance..


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  • Of course you could tell her you regretted about your actions back then.. But at the same time don't hold your hopes high. Her answer to your dad could be the truth too.


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