What are some downsides in getting married as a teenage?

What are some downsides in getting married as a teenage for women? Keep in mind there is not baby or anything like that just so call "love". Insight would be much apprecated.


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  • 1. You're still maturing and learning who you are as an person. People change throughout their lives, but a significant amount of change and discovery happens when you're in your teens and twenties. You might get married, but then find that yourselves going in different directions, having different dreams and aspirations, and no longer being compatible.

    2. I'm not one to say that age is necessarily indicative of how mature someone is (there are teens who are quite mature, and adults who are quite immature), but maturity does come with experience, and you gain experience over time. When you're young, your views about love and relationships are generally quite immature. That's not to say that teens can't truly love each other, but it isn't uncommon to get love mixed up with lust, infatuation, the warm, fuzzy butterfly feelings you get, etc.---and a life-long commitment requires a lot more than just love and good feelings. Experience with different relationships helps you learn what you really want in a relationship, what you don't want, how to communicate well and work through problems, etc. Sometimes people cling to their first loves because they think it's as "good as it gets" because they don't have anything to reference their relationship to.

    3. Sometimes a lack of experience can catch up to people. They start wondering what else is out there or resent the fact that they didn't have a chance to experience being with other people, and wish that they hadn't rushed into marriage.

    4. For most people, getting married as a teen means jumping from one dependent relationship (being dependent on your parents) to another (being dependent on your spouse), without ever having the chance of learning to be independent.

    5. If you're truly "meant to be", there's no reason to rush into marriage. If you really think you're going to spend your lives together, does it matter if you get married right away or wait a few years?

    • Thanks for the indept response this helps.

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  • I think that It would be a bit difficult because for how old you are, also if you planning on going to school. Another big thing would be that you would be able to experience life and all the ups and downs that come with it.

    I guess you have to be completely sure that you want to be with that person for the rest of you life.

  • ok so ill start from before we had a kid. moved in together after 6 months (dumb idea) that's when the fighting began. I couldn't see my friends hardly at all, when a guy friend would stop by while he was at work it was war even tho he knows I have morals I was a virgin when we met.. I settled down waaay to young and at times feel like just leaving. iv grown up a hell of a lot more then he has. he's still in little kid mode and it annoys me constantly. basically if we didn't have a kid we would be done, I don't think we would have made it anywhere near this far. what I saw in him in the past isn't what I want anymore. if I had known our relationship would have ended up this pathetic I would have told him screw himself when he asked me out.

    • So in other words he changed? By the way cute baby.

    • thanks :)

      and no, he's always been the same, hasn't grown up at all and I want a man not a boy.

      what I liked in him when we first met was:


      same ftw attitude I had


      that's still him, not me. I had to grow up and be a parent, he hasn't the least bit and that's just not what I want in a guy any more if that makes any sinse

    • Oh OK, I see, hopefully in time he grows up. Thanks for the help.

  • you don't get to grow and mature into an adult. You become merged with someone else during a time when you should be getting to know yourself and what you're all about


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