How do I know if he's ready for marriage?

(hes 25 if that makes a difference) are there any key signs to know if he is really ready to "settle down" ? he says that he would like to get married sometime in the near do I know if I marry him.that he will always want to be with me? I know I would never leave him, but does there come a time when I will know for sure that he will never leave me?


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  • You can worry and worry and worry about this, and it will do you no good. You can never know that you'll be together forever, and you can never tall that he'll always want to be with you. But you can have hope, and believe in the two of you, and know that if you want a marriage to last, you have to work at it.

    As for knowing if he's ready, well, does he talk about it? Hint? Other than a ring and a proposal, it's hard to say, as I don't know him. As for you, well, there is no moment of truth where you know he's the one. I've had that feeling twice now, and one of them turned out to be a false start. Nothing in life is like the fairy tale we wish it could be, but we can try to make it what we want.

  • Depends on his level of maturity! Nothing is certain but marriage is a long term committment.

    We all know that love grows as time goes by, and that honeymoon stage disappears. That is when the true love begins. Only you will know if he would leave you, no one can answer that but you. Has he given you some reason to think that he would leave?

    • No, I guess I've just always been afraid that something like that would happen