Engagement rings how much is too much and how much is too little?

my fiance and I are trying to decide on rings. he doesn't want to spend more than £50 on each because we are getting married quickly for visa reasons. we had planned on having a big wedding in a few years and he figures we can always get new rings then. I figure we already gave each other promise rings, then we are going to get two sets of engagements rings and two sets of wedding rings? well that's too many rings for me and it seems like a waste of money. I didn't want to spend more than £200, mostly because I like antiques and they are much cheaper. but am I being silly? should I just accept the cheaper ring now and get a really expensive one later? or how can I explain that I want something nice and not crappy to wear and then no other rings after that? as in how can I phrase that that a man will understand paying slight more now is saving money later...hes cheaper than I am

i don't mind pawn shops or anything, id prefer a antique ring to begin with, so they are cheaper. if you go by the thing that rings are suppose to be 3 months of wages worth then he should get be one that cost £2000. but I don't want one anything close to that- I wouldn't mind if he splurged-hehe- but I figured £200-£300 would get me something I love, it nice, and wouldn't kill him if he put some money into it each month. that's what I'm putting into his
i tried to explain it to him this morning...

lead balloon :(


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  • The diamond & jewelry stores made up "that rings are suppose to be 3 months of wages"

    Buy what you can afford & like!

    Your right if you find the "antique" ring that you like for £200-£300 then that's what it SHOULD BE

    • Haha I bet that's true but a girl can dream right?

      I went on eBay and found quite a few I like a lot, but he wants to pick out a different one himself, so they should get him in the right direction. But he's still not wanting to go up in the price. But it should be a symbol of our relationship and love and not something he found to give me that is cheap and ugly but cost about $50 total. I rather wait and he save up for something I'll love and he'll love to give me

    • I totally understand. This is your 1st ring, wedding & everything should be as perfect as you can make it be.

      I'm with you get the antique ring now & for an anniversary (5th 10th) he can get you a nice diamond ring.

      Thanks for best ans.

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  • It's difficult to explain something like that to a guy, but the way you've just done it is probably as good as you can get.

    I think the big hurdle will be trying to convince him that you won't want an upgrade in a few years.

    • I up rated you due to your Spock photo.

      And yeah he didn't get the not up grading at all! I even tried explain the Liz taylors favorite ring was 3small diamond rings Richard Burton had put together and called it the ping pong ring and it cost about $100. But I guess it's nice he'd want my ring to upgrade as his income does

  • Hard to say what the buying power of your money is. At £50 that's only $81.50 US. I think that you could only get a wedding band for that price here.

    £200 is $326 US I think the diamond would be so small & flawed that it wouldn't be worth it.

    Can you find a nice antique band that you like & will be proud to wear? Even if it's something like a pave diamond ring link with only 3 diamonds in it so it at least sparkles.

    Go to antique dealers or even pawn shops to see if they have something that you like in that price range. There's nothing wrong with going to a pawn shop to look or buy because there are a lot of reasons why the rings have been pawned or sold.

    I bought my 1st wife what I could afford at the time & replaced it on an anniversary with the one that I wanted to get her & the one that she deserved.

    The 1st ring could always be worn on your right hand for it's special memory.


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  • I would forget any of the sayings you have been told. A ring worth 3 months of wages? Come on, in today's age it's up to the couple to decide how much to spend. You like antique rings, great, why not just tell him you want an antique ring, go out and pick one out with him. Find one within your price range, that would be an easy way for you to convince him to buy you what you want. Just say "ooohhh I really love this one" when you find it! He will be excited that you found something you like and then you can say that that is the only ring you need. That way you get your way without making him think he's spending too much. To be honest, you two are being realistic and wise. Some people spend well over 2000 pounds for their rings.

  • Look into those 0% interest for 12 month cards, and see if he would be willing to try that. This way he wouldn't have to come up with one lump sum, and just a few hundred dollars would give you a pretty low minimum payment.

    Just a thought. :-)

    • Good idea! Unfortunately I can tell you right now he wouldn't be into that. And I'm not asking for a fortune either- I found my dream ring and it was under $500- two stone art deco diamond ring and each stone was nearly carat and the whole thing was really good quality :( I didn't bother telling him and it got bought

    • Aww. I'm sorry to hear that. :-/ If you haven't asked already, why not just give it a try? You never know, a miracle might happen! :-)

    • As for how much is too much or too little... I'm def the girl who wants a 3 months salary ring this time around. I married at 19 (pregnant) the first time, and we used family rings. It was short lived so I never got my own nice ring set. I say if a guy can spend a few grand on a large TV, or extras like a motorcycle, a few grand on a ring isn't asking too much. If he can't, then a smaller ring is naturally understandable. But $500? You're def a good one for that! :-)