Cute Ways to Ask A Girl to Prom?

I am trying to ask a girl I really like to senior prom in a cute way. We have discussed prom and it is understood that we are going together, I just want to also ask her in a cute and memorable way. She plays lacrosse and one of my ideas was to get a bunch of friends together and we would paint our chests spelling her name and then on my friends' backs "Prom?" while I would remain facing forward. I have also found ideas online like an Easter egg hunt and t-shirt ideas similar to my painted chest idea. Do you think my idea is good and worthwhile to do, or should I choose another method? If so, are there any other ideas?


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  • Haha, I had a similar question for last year when I was a senior. These were my two options that I narrowed down:

    1. Get down on one knee and "propose" with a ring pop.

    2. Put the asking note in a balloon and make him pop it.

    Haha, but I chickened out and ended up just asking through a text message. I hope you are braver than I am! XD

  • I won't do the write on your t-shirt thing, I've seen guys do that

    I liike the lacrosse idea, that will make it very memorable. that sounds really cute

    the Easter egg hunt seems a little bit hard.

    ive seen some. they start off with P on her desk. then the next class R. then so on to spell out prom? it matters how many class you have. then the last class he left a M, and his name.with some roses


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