He changed, not me, so why am I getting the blame here? What is it with men??

I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years because for 5 years he said he wanted marriage etc with me, then 1 day out of the blue he says he doesn't want it anymore but wants us to be together we talked over and over. We both wanted diff things so I ended it, wanted to remain on good terms, as we had been so close, so now 2 months later he being rude immature and annoying as if I'm all the blame, and he acts like he hates me and I broke his heart, he broke mine I'd thought of a happy future with me and him, he changed not me so why am I getting the blame here, advice please


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  • i reckon he regrets that it has ended. maybe you need to remind him of the situation that was then and why it wasn't a good idea to carry on deluding each other.

    otherwise, maybe he's having trouble getting over you (6 years is a Long Time) and therefore he's directing his anger toward you - who else is there to blame, he won't admit he blames himself no matter what, so just try to ignore him until he can approach you sensibly, or cut all contact and move on.

    i think any communication you have will be hard because your break up was pretty recent, so no contact at all is better because you're not worried about what he's gonna be like the next time you see him. that's for him to deal with, not you.

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