Is he the one? Will he propose?

Me & my boyfriend will be together for a year and may but pretty much ever since we started dating we have been by each others side over the summer we basically lived together just didn't have our own place. Well we moved into our own apartment in January and have been great ever since. I feel like we make a great team I just wonder if he feels the same. Also, I know its to early but every girl wants to be proposed to. Do ya'll think he has thought this far ahead since we've came so far?


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  • Well it could be that he will propose, you never know. But I wouldn't plan on it, because you just don't know for sure. If you feel as though you are ready to move into a new stage in your relationship, then maybe you need to start thinking long and hard about what you want in a marriage. That way you are sure what you want, and know what you need to do.

    You are right, every girl dreams of getting proposed to. Hopefully your wish comes true. But I wouldn't put any pressure on him. If he feels that way, he will tell you :)

  • i'm sure he has thought about it, but I reall can't say if he will propose anytime soon

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