Can I get your thoughts on it?

So as I get older over the past few years or so the lonely factor seems to increase at times but others ehh not so much given all the stuff I have dealt with in regards to girls.

I don't think I want to get married for various reason but and I stress BUT I don't necessarily want to be alone either, I think it be nice to have a woman with some or even hell all of the qualities I like in her personality and all and a physical attraction couldn't hurt personality wins over though.

I don't know that I want kids either I mean there are reasons yes and no to both.

But in this day in age it seems if a woman by the age of 28 or so and if she isn't married or then again demands to be married by 35. So why would I continue to look? seriously why would I look if all want the American dream house, marriage, 2.5 kids (or more), it would seem I am wasting my time even just for companionship which to be honest I think that's all I am really looking for, you know someone to spend time with, do things with or even do nothing at all with, be there, talk from time to time, I think its very simple. So if the 2.5 kids and the house and marriage is the "American Dream" I suppose I am looking for the Unamerican Dream.

As I said I don't necessarily want to be alone but again for various reasons I am not running out to get married especially with the divorce rate so high, and etc

I am looking for more a woman opinion but guys I will take yours as well. It just seems that if a girl/woman knows what she wants and won't back down and she has asked how I feel about things I have to wonder why waste her time and continue to talk to her? I mean that's a bit much to throw on someone who has never really had a girlfriend and all, I have hung out with girls and all but just never went anywhere for whatever reason, and as everyone has I have dealt with and heard my share of BS and refuse to deal with it even though it is all one big game still I have no need or desire for it.

Your thoughts?


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  • I think you are thinking about things too seriously. While you say you want someone to hang out with in the future, possibly not get married, you are thinking about the future. What it seems like you want, in my opinion, is just a close friend, or a girlfriend with independence.

    Don't talk about the future, and just work on a relationship. If you guys work out as a couple, maybe you will want to get married, or she will respect your decision not to want to get married and stay with you anyways.

    My aunt and uncle were living together 8 years before getting married. I have another uncle who has been living with his girlfriend for almost 13 years now, and they have no plans on having kids or getting married.

    Having a significant other can really change things for you. I am a girl that freaks out about marriage (I want it eventually, but way way way down the road). I also said I never wanted kids, but seeing how good my boyfriend is around them (and he definately wants some) makes me think about maybe having some (way way in the future).

    Not all girls want commitment right away. You need to look for more of a independent type girl, who is busy in her own life, and is ok with a more independent type of relationship.

    for example, I am very close to my boyfriend, and we love eachother, but I am doing professional studies 2 hours away and we talk 3x a week and see each other 2-3 times a month, and it is fine. Not all relationships have to be talking 5 times a day, etc, which would completely suffocate some people (myself included).

    Good luck- they are out there, and if you find the right one, who knows, maybe you will want to get married, or she will be fine with just living together.

  • i would talk to the girl, don't tell her you rplans but maybe one day after yall are together your veiws on things like that will merge and yall can be happy together.

    i wouldn't throw her out the window because she wasnts to get married cause who knows one day you might too


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