Getting married now? Or later? What are the benefits of the answer you choose?

Hello everyone...
My fiancee and I will graduate next year... yay right haha. In Arab culture, you can't live with your fiancee until marriage, and of course, we won't have sex or even touch each other until marriage too because we are Muslims.

As you can see that getting a decent job after graduation isn't easy and sometimes it will take a while and it may reach one or a couple of years! so what I am trying to say is that it would be hard to collect money and then save it to have a wedding, an apartment and of course a decent monthly salary... by the way the wedding and the apartment would cost me about 6-10 thousand dollars and the income in Yemen is quite low. I am a dentist for the record.

I am 24 years old, and I want to marry my fiancee. The problem now is I should take one of those 2 options...
1- Waiting until I can collect all the money I need and set up everything and make sure I am ready for the next step which by the way will take some years...
2- I just prepare for the wedding, set an apartment, and just marry her, and we may face financial issues afterward because I am not 100% ready.
I really want to marry her because we were in a relationship for 4 years!! and I can't even hug her 😢...
So tell me which option you would choose and why...
And girls would marry your fiancee even if he is currently financially unstable? Why?
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Getting married now? Or later? What are the benefits of the answer you choose?
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