Guy talks about marriage.. how serious is he really?

If he's talking about marriage and I have never before.. does that mean he's probably just as sure as he'll ever be?


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  • Guys tend to change plans so easily. It will change.


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  • Be very wary and judge by his actions words. I went through a very painful break up a couple months ago. He was my 1st boyfriend and a man that I really loved and cared for, I genuinely thought I would spend the rest of my life w/him. He wound my head up telling me I'm 1st girl that he wanted to marry, I was on cloud 9 until reality set in. My ex made absolutely no effort to make a future w/me, I was looking for a better job in my field, taking a class to further my education and trying to get my stuff together (w/whoever I end w/). He was content at his "a little over min wage job" and was spending $ carelessly (once a week at the bar), while telling me he had to get more $ to marry me. If he was truly crazy about me, he would collect every spare penny he had to make a future for us instead of spending that on game cards (similar to pokemon). We talked about the future a little, but when I sat down for a serious talk, he flipped out telling me how I was holding marriage over his head and that in the end it didn't matter what he wanted to do because we are both independent people. That is not something I expect to hear from the person I want to grow old w/.


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  • They change their mind with the season

    Don't trust him

    But if they introduce you with their family than most probably they are serious.

  • It depends on how he acts, actions speak louder than words. My boyfriend (now husband) brought up marriage from the time he was 19 and it freaked me out a little. He introduced me to his family really fast and made an effort to get to know mine and my close friends. He started very early on inserting me into all his plans and planning things with me. We planned a big vacation together and each paid half and it was our first time out of the country without our parents and we did it together. We ended up going to the same university, and living together in a tiny apartment near campus. And he would cook me dinner if I was studying at school late, and clean up and just in genera tried to show me that he'd be a goo husband. Then he said he wanted to transfer schools across the country so we went to another university together and finished our degrees. And on graduation day he got down on his knee!