Did this guy purposefully lead me on?

A guy I met last month got my number at my friend's party. He was really cool and laid back and we texted a little. (Sorry this is long-you can skip to the end).

Even though he is very laid back, he also loves to party (college sophomore) and seems to only text me either when he's drunk, bored or when he gets off work at 10:30. I almost feel like a booty call except we live an hour away and he never was really engaged in text conversations (never asked me questions) although he still texted me. Also, he didn't seem like a very forward guy either-so I don't think I was a booty call.

I tried to hang out with him twice in person. The first time, I was in his town with his friends and he wanted to meet up that night-he was with some friends and was about to come meet with us. Although, my friends didn't want to so I never hung out with him- I kind of blew him off not on purpose.

The second time was this weekend, when I was going to his town to visit some other friends and told him I would be down so we should hang out. He told me to text him when I was down. He also told me he was at a baseball game that was about 2 hours away and that he would drive back that night. Then I asked if he wanted to meet up in an hour and he said he wasn't back yet (this was 2 hours after the game was over) and he would text me when he got back. An hour later he never texted me and my friends wanted to go back home-so I texted him asking how far away he was because my friends were wondering and he never texted.

This made me mad because he seemed so cool and was my type of guy. He seemed partially interested (I think) but now it makes me think he was leading me on the whole time. I keep thinking maybe something happened, or he was getting revenge on me from the first time-but I doubt it. I was never needy or annoying (from what I believe) so I'm really mad and confused.

Was this guy leading me on the whole time? Any thoughts guys? Thanks! :) Any help is appreciated!


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  • probably not leading you on. Just not that interested. too laid back for his own good perhaps.

    • yeah, he seemed really interested sometimes then other times he didn't- he was very very laid back-when I first met him he didn't try anything on any girl and just hung out and talked. It's just kind of upsetting because I like laid back guys and he seemed cool to hang out with and it seemed kind of rude what he did this last weekend. Thank you!

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