Are weddings really just a piece of paper and a glorified event?

my cousin who's gonna be 30 proposed to his girlfriend because he "is getting too old to not be married anymore". yet they've been going out for 5 years. do they really need to make it official in a marriage or do you think its just a piece of paper.

many people would say marriages happen because its a good financial move. others say marriages shouldn't happen because of the money, it should be because of love. while I think he loves her, I don't think he's doing it for the right reason


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  • No weddings are not really just a piece of paper and a glorified event. What wedding is really depends on how the person value wedding itself. It can be any of those that you've mentioned, it can be a symbolism of a milestone in their relationship etc.. This may surprise you, but many girls in America really fancy getting married, and thus rushed into it. All too quick too soon, things just don't work out. Sometimes it's not so much about the marriage concept being unsuccessful or useless but people not willing to give it a good go or for some other reasons. So to relate to your concerns, what matters most is whether he is really ready to be married, so is the girl. Good luck to him.


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  • Getting married is never right.

    • not for you or I certainly

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    • @QA

      And in those marriages

      how many woman cheat? 40%

      how many men cheat? 60%

      how many men raise children that's not theirs? 10%

      how many end in divorce? find out and see if you're still so positive

    • yes, but not all of them fail. just some of them, they fail because the love has failed not because they wanted to. try being positive

  • Really it all depends on the couple,to some people they are just in it for the money and its a piece of paper to them and for other people they do it not for money but for the love of one another.Everyone has their opinions on a wedding.

  • Marriage, when entered into for love, is a wonderful thing. And the best thing about being in a relationship when you are married is that you will work harder on that relationship to keep it than if you weren't married. If you are just living together you can just walk away from it and you know it. You always know it. When you marry, you commit to each other. The ceremony itself lends itself to commitment. You pledge your love to each other and you do it ceremoniously in front of your family & friends, it means something special to you both. It isn't about $$ or business. In fact it costs you more for it all.

    And to marry someone, you usually are sure it's right. I suggest you make d*mn sure. Then be happy.


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  • No, it's really more about getting community sanction for your union.

  • Marriage, when done correctly, can be a good business arrangement.

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