Do jewish men flirt with nonjewish girls for fun but say they can't marry them?

what is up with that? I noticed all jewish guys do this theyll date a girl and hook up with her and stuff but then throw the marriage line at her that he can't ever marry her because his family and rabbi will never accept it. Then why flirt in the first place? why not date jewish women?


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  • This question is right up my alley :)

    I'm Jewish and I understand where you are coming from...

    In many Jewish families, religion is extremely important and marrying someone that is Jewish is pretty much essential. So, they will date them and hook up with them but the truth is they know their families would not approve of a girl and they would not marry her. I have heard stories though of the guys becoming attached and it being an extremely difficult decision to decide what to do. Also, a lot of these guys are young and they are not really thinking about marriage.

    I am 19 and have dated non-Jewish guys and they know I probably won't marry them but it never gets that serious anyways. I guess the guy just likes the girl and looks past religion when just dating her.

    • thank you for answering, I guess I kind of see where you are coming from...but it definitely hurts when you genuinely like someone, or even love them and knowing that theyre not that serious about you just breaks your heart. I loved this jewish guy and wanted to marry him someday and he just took off and dint care about me anymore. and same thing happened to my friend also. its really terrible and makes me hate religion overall.

    • I know. I guess if people are that serious about their religion they shouldn't even date someone out of their religion because they would be leading them on.

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