Ladies, do you or have you ever 'played footsie' with a guy under the table?

I've seen it done before, though mostly on television or in movies, though I haven't experienced it personally yet. Anyway, I find this form of flirtatious play to be very exciting, especially because of the chance of being caught at it. So, I'm wondering: how many girls actually do this? I'd like to think there's a good chance of meeting a girl who might engage in this with me. :)

(If you don't know what this is, Google it.)

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Don't get me wrong, this ISN'T a foot fetish, on my part! ;D No, I guess it's the idea that a person could want you so badly that they can't keep from touching you, even at the table...if that makes sense?


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  • I find it childish but if the guy really wanted me to then ok


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  • I find it weird.

  • It's kind of weird, but I've played it.


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