I maybe like him, but I have no courage to tell him the truth?

Maybe to be his friend is the best choice.so I will keep the love to myself forever


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  • Telling someone you like them, even if it seems they won't like you back, is always an important step :D If you like him then tell him ^_^ He could like you too! :D You never know your luck :) If you're too shy to tell him, do it in a place you fell comfortable or when you're feeling comfortable and strong :D I know I find it easier to tell guys stuff if I'm sleepy XP It kinda cuts off the embarrassement juices or whatever from flowing to my brain so I'm free to say anything :P As some people know :) Just, if you want to, tell him when yo feel it is the riht time :D


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  • Its very difficult to propose someone specially for a girl

    But you just don't tell him directly else it hurts you .(If he is not intrested)

    Just text him your feelings

    Sometimes written words impacts more.