Why is my ex doing this? Honestly.

Okay, so it's been about 2 months since my ex and I broke up. It was a pretty bad break up I will say. I said things to him that I probably shouldn't had said. He gave me time to get over my anger and he called me a week later, and then after that, I didn't hear from him for over a month. He just im's me out of nowhere and is so concerned with how I am doing and how school is going, etc. This is after I find out that he's engaged to the girl he started dating like a day or two after me and him broke up, but he doesn't I know they're engaged. He hasn't come out and told me. I just saw it on his myspace and facebook. Then he im's me again like a week later. Then just the other day he messages me on myspace and is making small talk and then asks for my new cell number and says we can text back and forth if I'd like. And is posting comments on my new blog I posted on myspace. What gives?

My question is, if he's sooo happy with his new fiancee or whatever, then why does he need to keep in touch with me? I mean, apparently she was better than me (or he thought so initially) for him to basically choose her over me.

Can some guys shed some light on this situation? And don't even say he's only talking to me because of the sex because that's not even possible, considering me and him never even had sex. As I am a virgin. I'm really not sure why he'd put so much effort into staying friends with me. I can see if our break up was mutual. But it wasn't. HE broke up with ME.


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  • Since you haven't told us why he broke up with you and why you were so angry about it.it's hard to say. Clearly the reports of his being engaged are exaggerated since he would guess you might look at his myspace and that doesn't seem to stop him.

    My take is that he likes you better than the new girl friend at this point. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

    If you really want to know you will have to ask him outright what's going on with the new gf.

    • He claims that he broke up with me because we were always fighting, and he chalks that up to me being stressed out because of school. Yeah, I was stressed out because of school, but I was also stressed out because I didn't know if I could trust him, since something happened to break that trust.

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    • Also, he's always the only one to try and get in touch with me. I've never gone out of my way to talk to him. He's always either calling me, im'ing me on AIM or messaging me on myspace. It's not like us communicating was mutual or anything. I'm just not quite sure what he's hoping to get out of all of this.

    • I think it's clear things didn't work out with the other girl so he is thinking of taking up where you left off.

      I would tell him NO, NO WAY, and I'd say it right away or he might take your lack of response as consent to trying it again!

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  • ok well I'm no guy but this guy might either be doing two things

    one- he might just still want you back and realized that he made a mistake


    tw0- he thinks he can have you whenever he wants

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